Terms of service

1. Our service available 9 am to 11 pm,if you place order when we are out of service that order will proceed next day.
 2. Our minimum exchange amount depend on your payment method,If pay by bkash/rocket/nogod then minimum amount is 100 taka,if pay by bank then minimum amount is 500 taka,for skrill neteller minimum amount is 5 usd,other method like pm/crypto minimum amount 1 usd.
3. Our processing time 15 minute maximum,if you don't receive payment within 15 minute please contact our support department .
4. If you send us wrong information we are not responsible for that
5. you have to bear all payment gateway fee ,like if you pay by bkash our system will add 2% charge ,if want to buy skrill neteller you have to pay 0.60 usd skrill fee.
6. We don't buy paypal usd ,only you can buy paypal usd from us.
7. we will send paypal usd in product and service and paypal will debit fee amount from your wallet.
8. Depends on supply and demand our exchange rate can be change any time ,or even we can stop any exchange from any wallet.
9. If you ask unusual questions or use any bad language to our live chat we have right to block you from our live chat.
10. If you place unessential orders we have right to block you to place order,if we find 50% unsuccessful orders from your account we will block you from our website,If you need to place order testing purpose or making tutorial ,please inform first to our live chat.
11. For referral program please visit affilite tab .
12. Doller buy/sell and any crypto transection is Against Bangladesh bank law. Of course we respect law's and we are here to help freelancers whos are earning small amounts of dollers from online but no way to get cash.we are here to help them
13. Beating and money laundering is prohibited. if you do it its totally your responsibility. We Don't appreciate any i ligal activities but we can help you if you really work onlin..
14. If we detect any illegal activities we Reserve rights to ban your account and even we Reserve rights to hold your transection amount and will pass to law enforcingagency and they will handle it.
                                                                                 For any question about legal and policy please contact to